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sunny 25 °C

6:28PM. Sitting here at Bryan Park on this gorgeous Friday afternoon, people around me laying down on the grass, others drinking after office beers at the hangout next to me while others grabbed a seat to relax and look around and most importantly, a chance to look up. For once we can look up and see some sky. Ok I have to admit, it's very nice here. There's a carousel spinning little children around on pretty horses, conversations about hundreds of things and city life passing around the square.

As I left the house to search for another hidden park today, what do you know, I found one. Just 5 blocks from where I'm living. I bought some Italian ices and sat to look around. A man sitting in front of me said hello and after the people who accompanied him left, he started to chat. Hell, why not? Turns out he is some mega film producer from the Bahamas. He heard my story and this man says I inspired him and he felt the warmth of a person sitting behind him. That would be me, yes? If I could inspire him and send out good energies, then I'd say I'm in a pretty good place. Funnily enough, another story of inspiration occurred earlier this week.

The Mayor of NY, or his assistant, I dont know who, undertook a wonderful project for its inhabitants. Pianos in main squares across the city. In between the honking of cars and the sirens of fire trucks rushing to save the day, I walked home on Tuesday and arrived at Herald Square, where I overheard a familiar melody. I look ahead and there before me, a wonderful sight. A young man on ebony and ivory in mega urbania playing "Stairway to Heaven". I stopped in my tracks, grabbed a chair and sat to hear this man's talent ease my solitude in this crazy place (!!!).

In the midst of madness in Herald Square, something magical made its way to me and it was lovely. I sat there for two hours as this man in an MTA (Metro Transit Authority) shirt blindly played away two hours of my life, which were very well worth it. Some passersby stopped, others hummed to the songs but continued and of course, most just continued to their destination as if all of us weren't even sitting there and music wasn't filling the air - typical. Anyway, soon enough, a nice crowd sat around this man and next to me sat a chica about my age. Somewhere between The Beatles and Billy Joel, we started to chat and as she opened up and shared details of her life, I had a clear visual of what we don't want for ourselves. Someone with potential but locked in a certain place in time, dying to break free.

I told her to pack her things and take her teaching education to Buenos Aires for the experience of a lifetime. You might think I'm bad but sorry, it's true. And there's nothing like a good shaking from time to time. So I believe she sat there for a reason: 1. to show me where I am today, 2. to dispense my experience to someone in need of perspective, 3. to help someone else and possible inspire. I chose to believe #3 more because I already know what it is I need to know; she doesn't. If you'd trust it, adjust it. Just get up, go and change something. My private pianist and I parted ways for the night, leaving me humming the melody of "Piano Man". Hey, isnt there a movie called "Miracle/Magic in Herald Square" or something???

So I just connected two completely passive ways of inspiring people and that is, to me, the par excellence of examples of keeping it real and sharing who you are with the world.

Today I set up my workspace at a nice place on Madison & 51st, the garden of the Palace Hotel. Super cute and sunny in the afternoon and definitely enjoyed my time. Then suddenly, the universe inspired me in return. The dime fell and it was as clear as day actually was. I had a name for my new company. A name so simple, I don't know how I didn't think of it sooner. It's been a part of my life for years. Can't share it though, not just yet.

Reminds me of "The Alchemist" - sometimes the treasure really is there. Hmm who's playing with us up there?!
I think that for a bland three weeks, something interesting has finally arrived.

Hopefully more to come.

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Lost in Manhattan

On 20 million people going in 20 million directions

sunny 33 °C

After three weeks here - and I simply can not believe how time has flown - I am once again able to attest to the reason as to why I left life in New York City 12 years ago. It is TOO much of everything I dont' like and am not looking for.

20 million people going in 20 million directions. How can you not get lost? How can you find consolation in pleasant conversation with strangers when they dare not hold a gaze for more than 2 seconds? I'm finding that even when I am surrounded by people, I get a sense of loneliness that is hard to ignore. Down in South America, so far away from everything, I felt many things but not alone. You can walk the streets day to night and barely speak with anyone. Seriously, in a city filled with so many people I don't understand how this can happen. But it does.

The concept of time here is brutal. I've been here 21 days and can't attest to doing too much. You realize that you are one out of so many and I just feel lost after the warmth and openness of South America. That is where my heart is and as the World Cup continues, I check myself into Novecento on West Broadway & Grand to be a part of the latin spirit, where I feel best.

So the good part is that I already know what I need to know. That I can go back to Buenos Aires and live there without having it to do with someone. Just for me. And I know that I will be back. It's just a matter of time and I believe that it will be very soon.

In the meantime, I have purchased my first ever, very own laptop and check myself into parks, public spaces and Barnes & Noble at every opportunity to work and connect with the world outside the island of York. Things are going well with the job I landed in Buenos Aires and I'm establishing some good contacts and acquiring excellent knowledge. I'm definitely in NY to work. All work, barely any play. Except for last week's date, which surpassed any expectations I might have had. Ok and tango night yesterday at Lincoln Center. "Narcotango", an Argentinean band played tango electronico which was really nice and full of Americans courting a la Latino on the dance floor. Is Buenos Aires not tailing me?! I miss it so much; the city, the people and the great things that happened there. I did share 3 dances with a nice guy from of course.. Bolivia, because why would a New Yorker invite a girl to dance?!

Today I walked around for 12 hours and all I had to account for it was a conversation with an elderly Canadian man at a table right outside FAO Schwartz. All else was work and I think I'm about to have checked off all the Barnes & Noble in New York City.

So for now, this is all I can share. Nothing spicy, nothing emotional or too contemplative. Hopefully, the last 3 upcoming weeks of this trip will be more positive.

~~Over and out from the girl's who's out and about in the big apple.~~

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