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rain 30 °C

Sitting at Starbucks on Broadway & Amsterdam, corner of W70th, watching the world go by in the July rain, people of so many kinds, styles and lives, it almost seems as if I'm in a coral reef sea. Actually, I much prefer this kind of reference to New York than a 'concrete island'; that very word makes it feel cold and bare. Oceans are deep, full of color and fatally mysterious. This gives NY more edge in my eye and under that pretense, I feel better reporting on what's going on here.

I am in official detox from anything associated with retail therapy or cultural infusion. Shops are now empty caverns, museums are artifacts of old, sunken ships, and while nice to explore the current just isn't right for me, and taxis are shrimp zipping by the surface day to night. I now rely on my legs to get me from point A to point B, channel my thoughts & feelings through this laptop and visualize my future.

Not sure if Europe is still in the pipeline at this point. With no guita (slang for 'plata'; 'money' in Spanish), it is almost insulting to visit two of Europe's biggest cultural hubs, London and Paris, on a non-existent budget. This also means that I may be missing a potentially very good wedding in Normandy but right now, this is how it's going to go.

I've been super stressed on the financial end - months of parrilla nights, endless vino, polo, Aerolineas Argentinas flights and leisurely outings have finally caught up with me. Not to mention the damage of Brazil - why didnt they warn me about that???? Despite it all though, I must say, I'm handling it...rather well! I dont think I would have responded like this a year ago or in a different period in my life in general. Life changes you, you begin to mold, which is why I think 30 is the best decade of life so far. After all, it will all work out, somehow, sometime. The law of attraction.

So now, my days are now filled with job searches of every kind, temp, temp-perm, perm, and even relocation. And I have to be patient (not a virture I was blessed with) and smile every time I hear a super annoying answer and too many 'thank you's. As to my destination? Paris or Buenos Aires. Where did Paris come in now in all this? Well, if I'm going to this wedding there must be a damned good reason other than that at this point. There are some developments on the Buenos Aires front and it seems almost incredible that I just might find myself there again, living in that amazing city. Again. It's not for certain yet but we'll see. It's far but it's worth it = it's quiet, peaceful, people are nice (men are a hazard but arent they everywhere?), food is to die for, wine a plenty and nature just waiting for you to come and enjoy her fruits. And why not.

10 hours later:
This is so crazy. I met someone today through a friend and the strangest and funniest thing happened. To start, I was introduced to a lovely new place on 65th & Madison, a sweet little cafe (wifi included) called Terramare. Totally hidden, with drinkable lattes and only known by locals... until now, that is. In any case, we went for a coffee this afternoon, discussed my career adventures, he offered to help and what was interesting in the whole scenario was that we were hanging out like we know each other for years.

Before we knew it, we were sharing a bottle of white wine at his place and off he went to buy dinner. I found myself in this Paris-reminiscent apartment, working on my projects with Cuban music in the background, in a stranger's home, conducting conference calls overlooking a gorgeous palette of clouds, illuminated in different colors by the lights of the city. It was just totally cool. No pressure, no strange silences. You know, I have to say, you never know where a day will take you and what other people will bring to your life. I was going to write that it';s only when you travel, but it's not true. It can happen in your normal surroundings, you just have to be alert and open to them. These are things I would have never ever done before, not because I dont flow with life or that I'm 'heavy' but because I would just never do it. I am redefining my own rules and to me the reason is clear. I think that when you learn to trust yourself and you are comfortable with yourself, you enjoy life so much more! After 5 weeks here, this has been one of the most interesting by far.

Tomorrow my friend from Buenos Aires, who I met through a mutual friend back there, is coming from Maryland for the day and I can not wait to see her. I've met countless friends of friends since embarking on this trip. You wouldn't believe how ridiculously exciting it is to see someone you meet on a trip, it's like you get to relive it all over again and of course, speak Castellano. Which, by the way, it greatly improving, thanks to the midnight lessons I'm getting from a friend on 'past tense' and 'present progressive'. Me encanta! I also met a nice guy back in BA who set up an amazing way to learn Spanish - not your conventional, boring online teacher. Quite the contrary - this technique is about an English guy who goes to Argentina to learn Spanish, gets a job and works alongside a Portena (a term for local BsAs ladies) - the conversations are hilarious but really efficient. It's called Buenos Entonces, and I know that there are excerpts on youtube worth checking out - sure to make you laugh. So I'm pretty much getting my thrill right now.

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